Emotional Intelligence is the new trend that everybody is talking about…

James is 15 years old and since the age of one, for him work = death. How can this be possible? Many years ago, James lost his father in a sudden work accident. His emotions recorded negative programming regarding work when he lost his father. From that precise moment onward, his relationship to work became totally erroneous.

He only wanted to play, didn’t want to make any effort, rejected school in a way, didn’t want to open a math book, and for him, emotions as well as relationships with people were really difficult to manage. A total blockage in his emotional intelligence, his capacity to connect logic and feelings.

But James is far from being the only one in this case. Maddy is 9 years old and for her workaholism = happiness. Why? Her father is a 100% workaholic. From birth, Maddy’s inner emotional computer has been driven by this energy in her family, which recently led her father to depression. She’s totally convinced it will lead her to true success in every sphere of life if she works and studies non stop; in a way, she wants to save the family. So much pressure for a 9-year-old child.

When life starts on the wrong foot, on the wrong foundation or concepts, how can we help these children reprogram themselves with more positivity? Help them learn to love working again the right, well-balanced way, for example, without becoming obsessed or excessive.

Researchers from the Source Code Technology Foundation of Switzerland have worked on this problem by creating an amazing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) game and educational tool for schools and after-school programs called: The Plus Minus Code School Program. Professor Francis Lavergne explains: “As human beings, we are the most advanced computer on Earth. Every second of our life, we record + and – memories. We write our own codes. But, when we have stored difficulties within ourselves, we forget that we all have the possibility and capacity to reprogram our consciousness positively.” Professor Lavergne’s team have worked on this for many years with Doctors, Psychologists, Professors, Therapists from many countries and have come up with a great EQ program now available for schools and parents, and any adult who wishes to develop their Emotional Intelligence.


The +|- Code is a modern Educational Program for students from 7+ (including High Potential children), teenagers, university students and all adults who wish to develop their EQ. Discover this amazing educational game to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and leadership qualities.

"The +|- Code Program represents the EQ key to reprogram ourselves positively. Being able to discern the multidimensionality of emotions in life in general creates profound understanding, and that is what this program is all about."


This avant-garde school and after school program has been designed to help all the James and Maddys of this world! With the right discernment to understand our own strengths (+) and weaknesses (-), and to deeply and compassionately understand other people’s emotions, memories… lines of code can be re-created in our neurones, in our brain’s functionalities.

This easy access online program at www.plusminuscode.com can bring a new balance in the way we see the plus side of life, when all we see seems to be minus… It can even help to see the minus, when we tend to be over-positive, and not recognize the negative patterns that we can sometimes copy from others.

It is a 7+ program to also help autistic as well as High Potential children to develop their Emotional (EQ) & Intelligent (IQ) potential.

The Plus Minus (+|-) Code Program is a mind opener! An EQ game that is such fun to play and learn from. It is based on 25 min. HD videos where we analyze numerous images.

We always have 5 seconds to tell if the image we see is +, - or tendency (a mixture of positive and negative).

Various subjects are explored, such as: emotions, pollution, emojis, micro-facial expressions, etc. All this to activate a profound observation of life in its many shades, tones, colors and nuances, in the light of Emotional Intelligence!


Emotional intelligence (EQ) represents our ability to perceive and understand beyond the form and react with sensitivity toward everything in life: accidents, events, relationships, objects, animals, plants, etc.

Whenever we look at an object (situation, event, behavior, etc.), the way we recognize and evaluate it has been coded within ourselves in accordance with the feelings and emotions recorded during our personal experiences with that particular object (or type of object, situation, behavior, etc.).

Our experience related to the object can go back to our childhood and stems from influences from parents, friends, society, and far beyond.

Nowadays new leaders are sought not only for their university degrees, but also for their skills in observation of human resources and their ability to successfully apply Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to a wide range of situations. In-depth understanding of all aspects of human beings not only guarantees success at work or for a company, but also a successful life on the individual, relational and family levels.

Teaching in the schools of tomorrow will not only aim to develop intellectual understanding of the world, but will also teach students how to perceive, feel and sense in depth.

Emotional Intelligence markedly increases our awareness regarding all the situations and events that life presents us with. It provides global vision and profound empathy, which develops our discernment and ability to make decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of everyone involved.


The Plus Minus Code Program is already used in many countries around the world such as: Canada, Switzerland, USA, India, Vietnam, France, etc. Thousands and thousands of students of different ages and nationalities enjoy the + & - EQ game at homeand at school. Emotional Intelligence is rising as the Intelligence of modern times… As the next evolutional step in education…


It is a wonderful support for schools and families to open amazing, profound discussions, subjects that without the Plus Minus Code you would never have thought you could have in a class session or in a family between parents and children.

With this amazing platform, we learn to recognize emotions and talk about them… things that, most of the time, we rarely learn at school.

Who can live well an entire life with feelings of hate, destructive anger or a broken heart? Emotions are a great part of our life and we should all learn, from a very young age, how to manage them positively… A key that could help us avoid many problems on our path to true happiness!

More info on : www.plusminuscode.com

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