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emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

It is our capacity to discern, understand and feel our environment beyond the form, and to decode in depth the emotions, energies and atmospheres present in us and in others.
Yes. Developing our EQ brings deeper meaning to our life because we can understand that what is most important is to do our best and develop qualities.
Because it helps us to make wiser decisions and to develop our discernment and leadership in life. It gives us a global vision of situations and behaviors and makes us more intelligent, more connected to the cause, not only to the consequences.
It helps us on many different levels: To develop better relationships with family, friends and colleagues. To be aware of the + and – aspects of a situation to make fairer choices
Yes. Because when we are a genius with a top IQ, it is very important to also develop our EQ to make sure we have the right balance in our intelligence and multi-perceptions.
Yes, definitely. It allows them a deeper understanding of the human emotions present in their environment.
Yes, definitely. By learning to concentrate and reflect on +|- energies present in an image, students learn to improve their focus, which is an important quality that helps to calm hyperactivity or attention deficiency.