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General Information

The +|- Code is a unique, modern Educational Program to help students or individuals in general who wish to develop and improve their Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
This program is based on 26 HD videos of approximately 25 minutes each + EQ Tests for each Episode. The content is available online, or in books.
The +|- Code is for children from 7+ years old, teenagers up to university students, or even adults who wish to learn and improve their Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
Yes, the program can be done with the online version at home, individually, with family or friends. It is also an amazing game that is fun and entertaining.
The +|- Code Program was created by the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation with an amazing team of 100+ Professors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Doctors and Therapists from many countries.
It is available in English for the moment, but soon available in: French, German, Vietnamese and Hindi.
Yes, definitely… it can be a wonderful activity to do with the family… you just need a computer, tablet or a smartphone, and all the family can join in and enjoy doing this EQ game all together :)